Rumour Has It

Rumour has it a certain charms professors behaviour has changed so drastically, one would think he was possessed! By the shade, perhaps?   Rumour has it a blonde haired, snake eyed girl is biting off more than she can chew with an Eagle. Perhaps the Snake should choose her battles more wisely or she will…



The Thornberrys

  Article by The Gossiping Fraulein Picture by Saffron Foxclaw   Heroes or risk takers?  This is the question since the order of gruel to be served instead of regular meals at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which has left students apparently down in the dumps or starving since some refuse to eat the gruel given…


Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday 15/5

Crossword: Saturday Night Was Alright For Fighting Across Ha ha! You can’t hold a wand! You’ve got no fingers! (7,9) 4. Red or green and easy for first years to shoot with 8. If they can’t speak, they can’t cast. Oh. Non-verbal spells exist… (9,5) 9. The best spells for a duel 10. The safest…



Saturday Study Corner 8/5 – 14/5

((please check back for any updates))   Astronomy Professor Danica Priaulx (bay.quartz) Any pictures of the eta aquarids with aquarius accurately draw in the sky will be accepted as homework   Care of Magical Creatures Professor Daisy Wibault (xblackbirdsingingx) Pet sit a jarvey. Feed it, show it around the castle, mimblewimble or silencio if you’ve…


lost and found

Vanished and Conjured

Have you lost anything? Submit a request to the Owl Post to be featured in next week’s Vanished and Conjured, Hogwarts’ very own lost and found! If you’ve found anything make sure to let us know too. We’re always looking to help our fellow students.   Lost: Lost: The good menu from the Great Hall…