Horoscopes 27/5 – 3/6

The Raven Quill seems to be otherwise occupied this week and we unfortunately asked Professor Priaulx to write the Horoscopes for us instead of Professor Ipswich. Bad idea really, but according to the Editor-in-Chief “it’s planets an’ stars, anyane couldae made tha same mistake”   Aries: Mar. 21 – Apr. 19 Quite honestly horoscopes are…



New Badger Business

Hello Readers! Ann here. Amidst my constant drawings of Owsley, I decided to interview Hufflepuff’s new Head of House! I followed her to her hut and promptly exclaimed about the cuteness of it. She laughed at my remark and proceeded to tell me that her ‘hubbikins’ had made it more comfortable for them in recent…



Rumour Has It

Rumour has it Slytherin Captain Bob got kissed by no other than Blair Shadowfang, does Bob like the nasty girls?   It’s been said that the Thornberrys have been caught and their leaders replaced with polyjuiced goons   The radios have been oddly silent lately, what’s going on with the mysterious broadcasters?   A certain…


Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday 22/5

With yesterday’s match postponed for reasons yet unclear (we at the Owl Post have a few theories – the full moon; the balls and players’ brooms being eaten by a certain professor; and Quidditch joining Hogsmeade visits, Muggle clothing, and real food on the ‘banned’ list), we have a Quidditch-themed Sunday Funday to tide you…