Rumour Has It

Rumour has it a certain Ancient Studies Professor is not fond of glitter. In other news, it seems desks might be attempting to migrate from the D.A.D.A room to the courtyard. A certain Arts Professor is sporting some facial wounds. Whomping willow, or worse? Rumour has it students don’t care about house points anymore, they’re…


Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday 1/5

Crossword: Can You Hear Me Now?   Across How you get this newspaper delivered… And the newspaper itself! (3,4) 3. Chatting through the fireplace since the 13th century (7,9) 6. Don’t get stuck in a chimney! (4,6) 7. Speak through your silvery protector 8. Some students send messages instantly with parchments enchanted with this 9.…



Saturday Study Corner 24/4-30/4

  Ancient Studies Professor Addison Blackwell (perepip) Four parchments on why you think the Maya civilization dissipated.   Astronomy Professor Danica Priaulx (bay.quartz) no homework unless you wish to draw Miss Middles and Upton as the Earth and moon respectively with annotations as to how they rotate and orbit.   Care of Magical Creatures Professor…