Saturday Study Corner 18/11 – 24/11

Ancient Studies (All Years) Professor Vandran (buhlynduhvxndrxn Resident) You may choose one of the nine manuscripts that we did not go over in the lesson and write a parchment about it.   Herbology (All Years) Professor Dumorney (Ebediyet Snowpaw) Homework is two rolls of parchment on the two toadstools studied today   Herbology (All Years) Professor Dracheblume (AriannavonDracheBlume…


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Hogwarts Spotlight 18/11

  Welcome to this week’s installment of the Hogwarts Spotlight, a feature dedicated to showcasing different students and professors throughout the school! Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with Nate Phoenix. He is a third year Hufflepuff whose hometown is Dublin, Ireland!   Helga Hufflepuff sought students who valued hard work, dedication, patience,…