Sometimes at the Owl Post we get some more… curious submissions. Here’s one from Dot   Written by Dottinous Foul, Ravenclaw   Spiders are the real reason Hogwarts still stands. Little by little, each intricately woven web seams each stone together, ensuring that our castle does not plummet into the depths of the black lake,…



Rumour Has It

Rumour has it, Hyland’s lost it. Hexing her own housemates? The girl’s got guts.   Apparently Bullstrod’s split on her troublesome boyfriend, in a public way.   It seems the Ravenclaws are having trouble dealing with how far their dorm is from the kitchens and Great Hall. The door into their Common Room is looking…


Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday 18/9

Crossword: (Text)Booking It To The Library Across Full of useful information – like how Ravenclaw came up with the changing floorplan. You’re welcome! (8,1,7) 4. No longer 1000 of them – one decided to leaf! (3,7,6) 5. aka “Places To Never Visit In Case You Get Eaten By Something With Too Many Legs And/Or Teeth”…