A Guide to Character Making – Part 1. The Basics

Part 1 : Basics, setting up your application and getting a rough view on your character. 

 We’ve all been there, or, are about to be there. The process of sitting down and trying to pull together, out of the air around us, the idea of a character. In many cases, the first time you make a character, it’s typically one of the most odd, hard, an overall, confusing process. Granted, there are those who experience the opposite of this, normally, most do not. This guide is for anyone who is making a character for the first time, just wants a few pointers, or those looking to redefine their character in a better sense. Each section will cover an overview of the character making process and provide you with tips on how to do it, along with examples to help you along the way get a better sense of each topic.


Navigating Second Life

Hello there everybody! In this special blogpost we will be discussing and giving tips to those who are new to Second Life. As many of you might know an article about our RP-sim has been featured at a popular site called Mugglenet. Because of this we have been getting a lot of applications from people who are entirely new to Second Life. Of course, we feel obligated to help these people out, since we were the ones who brought them here; to this strange virtual world!