Cupid’s Corner 2024

Tired, tired, I’m getting tired, my love. Waiting, waiting, always waiting, my dove. Another year, another tear, and still nowhere near. Your face, your heart, the revoltingly beautiful smell (and taste) of your fart. Feel, feel, the gingery feel, my love Aching, aching, my heart is aching, my dove. Its just a game of cat…



Rumour Has It

Rumour has it that a pair of twin snakes share a psychic link, They seem to know what the other is doing and thinking without having to ask and finish each others sentences and thoughts when conversing with others.   Word is that if you’re a first year with chocolate frog cravings, a pair of…


lost and found

Lost & Found

Something gone missing? Found a thingamabob that’s evidently not yours? Submit a note to The Owl Post and we’ll list it in the Lost & Found column. Our owl sits near the Great Hall so just give him a few owl nuts and he’ll take your note to us! Lost: My sanity. If found return to the staff…