Rumour Has It

It’s been said that someone’s secretly concocting a love potion for Fletcher. It’s also been said that if Persephone Hyland finds out who it is, they’ll find themselves cursed. Everyone’s favourite brothers have been looking quite… well, not themselves. What’s gotten into the Slytherins? Adam Fletcher seems to be holding back on his wild antics,…


Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday 25/9

Word Scramble: Thirsty Work Please unscramble the words below to form a few drinks you could raise to the Owsleys 1. gosh haed bwre 2. dngaor lebarr naydbr 3. nupkmpi ecuij 4. dgseno lod kirhyfseiw 5. durtoygro innofuis 6. ilnpgodxe eemlnoad 7. aiapbastpuol ifhys genre ela 8. erreeuttbb 9. dlumel dame 10. ywgitarell   Jokes…