Rumour Has It is for the sharp tongued among us, and the people who claim to deplore gossip, but secretly read it all the same. Ruffled Feathers are for those who need help and advice. Confessions are something entirely different. Got something you want off your chest? Need to scream it from the Astronomy Tower…



Tarot Tuesday

I think I really like this boy, should I ask him out? Three of Swords (Reversed) The Three of Swords is one of those rare cards that get better when reversed. Normally a card of heartbreak and grief, when reversed, it symbolises healing and getting on with your life. However, it also means that you…



Rumour Has It

Rumour has it there was moaning heard in the Clocktower! Word is one of the Hufflepuff Prefects has been to jail! A prefect used to leave puddles about when younger. Imagine a Professor with hair the colour of a Raven’s feathers… she’s tall, fair skinned, and her eyes are sharp and grey. Her presence is…