Horoscopes – 4/5

The stars and planetary bodies have this week off. As such, there will be no horoscopes. They work so hard, creating our fortunes and moving around in vast orbits that they deserve some time to themselves. Venus has headed for Ibiza and Jupiter is spending quality time with all of its moons in some distant…



Confessions – 2/5

Rumour Has It is for the sharp tongued among us, and the people who claim to deplore gossip, but secretly read it all the same. Ruffled Feathers are for those who need help and advice. Confessions are something entirely different. Got something you want off your chest? Need to scream it from the Astronomy Tower…



Tarot Tuesday – 1/5

Hello again readers, it is I, the Black Flamingo, once again here to answer your deepest darkest questions with the guidance of the cards. What mysteries will I reveal today by reading the tarot? What answers will I provide? Read on to discover, but remember… I offer no substitutions, redraws, elaborations, refunds, clarifications, replacements, or…