Horoscopes 6/4

Aries There are no shadows without light. So long as we exist and walk this world, there will always be some level of darkness. Don’t beat yourself up over not being able to fend it all off.   Taurus Double rainbow! What does it mean?! Well, a double rainbow is a phenomenon of optics that…


Fashion Queue – 04/04

For this edition’s Fashion Queue, we feature Fifth Year Gryffindor, Anderson Davenport. He shows us his own take on the standard Hogwarts’ uniform and also a casual look you would find him wearing, as he ensnares the inhabitants of the castle with his veela allure. For his uniform, Anderson wears an untucked white dress shirt…



Saturday Study Corner 25/03 – 31/03

Astronomy (All Years) Professor Priaulx (Bay Quartz) Continue your background reading on celestial navigation and recognising constellation patterns   Charms (All Years) Professor OCassidy (Angel Sachertorte) For your homework this week we talked about learning where our language comes from.. so i want to learn about where you come from.. research the history of your name, both…