Summer Work Experience

The Owl Post previously published articles from witches and wizards across the country, and even the globe, to showcase many different job roles you may face in your Life Beyond Hogwarts. (If interested in a reread, feel free to speak to an Owl Post member for our older copies)   You may notice, currently, 5th year…



Rumour Has It – 14/5

Rumour has it, some portraits in the Transfiguration Corridor claimed that they have seen young Gryffindor seeker has been attacked by an older year Slytherin girl and then carried away by her.   It has been revealed that a certain Gryffindor’s secret to her smooth and supple skin calls for a rather ‘vampiric’ skincare routine.…



A Plant by Any Other Name

By Essa Nazari   Monkshood. Aconite. Leopard’s bane. Mousebane. Women’s bane. Devil’s helmet. Queen of poisons. All of these names are the same plant that is currently being tended by the students of Hogwarts as an extra credit assignment. Professor Dracheblume assigned the project after the March Hogsmeade trip revealed that there was a shortage…



Portrait of the Month – May

by Emily Neutron, Fourth Year, Ravenclaw   Subject of the portrait: Willis Arthur Ambleton Milligant III   Location of portrait: Grand Staircase, Third Floor Landing, above and to the left of the door to the Third Floor corridor This month’s Portrait of the Month is that of the famed Transfigurationist Willis Arthur Ambleton Milligant III.…