Horoscopes – 27/4

Aries Whatever is coming at you, face it head-on, butt-out, hands-up, tongue-in, heels-down, eyes-locked, toes-over, stomach-tied, fingers-crossed, and triceps-engaged.   Taurus The heart is a wonderful organ. It pumps blood and oxygen and mucus and it keeps you alive even against the wishes of others. Take some time to be grateful for it so it…



Tarot Tuesday – 24/4

Hello again readers, it is I, the Black Flamingo, once again here to answer your deepest darkest questions with the guidance of the cards. What mysteries will I reveal today by reading the tarot? What answers will I provide? Read on to discover, but remember… I offer no substitutions, redraws, elaborations, refunds, clarifications, replacements, or…