Fashion Queue – 10/10

For this edition’s Fashion Queue, we feature Sixth Year Slytherin, Abbie Peyroux. She shows us her take on the standard Hogwarts’ uniform and also a casual look she might wear on the weekends while attacking helpless younger years or garden gnomes [Just kidding, she has an excellent mentor now, courtesy of the b̶e̶s̶t̶ Head of House…



Sunday Feast

Is it that time of year again? That we must remind everyone in the castle how dangerous the forest is? It seems that was the key topic at Sunday lunch this week, after the discussion of points the DHM kindly reminded us of what lay beyond the castle walls.   “Unfortunately, I find myself once…



Rumour Has It – 8/10

Cavanaugh’s dedazzling suits are actually a new DADA technique. The easily distracted beware!   What is with that Bluetooth girl and protecting her other house friends over her own house? I think she needs to be resorted.   “One’s prime is elusive” and Professor Priaulx knows this well judging by her dating choices.   Rumour…