Confessions – 20/03

Rumour Has It is for the sharp tongued among us, and the people who claim to deplore gossip, but secretly read it all the same. Ruffled Feathers are for those who need help and advice. Confessions are something entirely different. Got something you want off your chest? Need to scream it from the Astronomy Tower…



Fashion Queue – 20/03

Written by Rylan Aurelius Worthington Photography by Rylan Aurelius Worthington   For this edition’s Fashion Queue, we showcase the fabulous styling of two best friends! Seventh year Gryffindors, Charlotte “Charlie” Merle and Imogen “Gen” Featherstone take the concept of this piece on a bit of a spin with their casual outfits and formal dresses.  …



Tarot Tuesday

Who in my life do I need to reach out to right now?     Four of Wands This is a card representing home, family, and community. It comes as a reminder that now is the perfect time to share your warm heart with family and friends, and to celebrate life and all of its…



Rumour Has It

Not sure which of the two new muggle studies professors, but I heard the one was afraid of magic. Someone said she hid in the muggle world for a while and doesn’t even carry a wand.   What in Merlin’s name happened at the end of Astronomy? Something about a drawing of one Hufflepuff by…


Hogwarts Spotlight Header

Hogwarts Spotlight

Written by Imogen Featherstone Photograph by Rylan Aurelius Worthington     Welcome to this week’s installment of the Hogwarts spotlight, a feature dedicated to showcasing students. Recently, We had the opportunity to sit down with Gryffindor Prefect Madeline Hemlock. Better known as Maddy, this sixth year Lion is native to London, England.     Courage,…



Saturday Study Corner 10/03 – 16/03

Alchemy (All Years) Professor James Rourke (JamesAntonRourke Resident) Continue the work on your plant stone elixir and turn your documentation into me next week. In addition to that spend time in self-reflection. Afterwards, write an essay of two parchments (paragraphs) stating what you believe the greatest sacrifice is that must be made to produce the Philosopher’s…