Rumour Has it – 15/04

There are students faking pygmy virus trying to get out of class. How disgraceful to those that are seriously afflicted! One of the first years celebrated their birthday alone in the kitchens. A few people actually have their birthday on April 1st but lie about it to avoid the extra attention. Those Slytherin note passers…


Hogwarts Spotlight Header

Hogwarts Spotlight

Welcome to this week’s installment of the Hogwarts Spotlight, a feature dedicated to showcasing different students throughout the school! Typically, we try and conduct the interviews one on one with our classmates; however, I simply sent this student the form questions via owl because my disposition is far too delicate. Perhaps, I should have removed…



Saturday Study Corner 07/04 – 13/04

Ancient Runes (All Years) Professor OCassidy (Angel Sachertorte) Your homework for this week is to write a simple description for each of the 12 steps outlined below from your text book 1 ritual opening 2, preparation of dye (optional) 3 Name Carving 4 Preliminary Galdr 5 Carving 6 coloring 7 Enclosure 8 Birth 9 Naming…


Mr. Amortentia Header

Mr. Amortentia

Hello lovely readers! Today we will be going over the topic of kissing, snogging, locking lips, making out, sucking face, canoodling, and otherwise spit exchanging. If you are squeamish of such topics, this is not the article for you! Speaking of playing tonsil quaffle, this week’s article is sponsored as always by WonderWitch! WonderWitch: Bringing…