Back to School, 2022

  Author: Cassandra R Middles Photographer: RavenQuill It’s Official! The winter break is over, and the new term is ready to begin. Saturday afternoon, students filled the train, chatty and ecstatic to start the new year with a bang. With so many returning, the school feels like its normal self again, bustling and loud with…


A Secret Meeting

    Author : Cassandra R Middles Photographer: Raven Quill It doesn’t take much for this reporter to know when something big is going on around the school. With all the childish gossips of who is dating who, who hates who, and what they’re wearing, many students seem to pass by like it’s nothing when the headmistress…



Hag or Hoax?

The hag has been appearing on more and more lips each day. Whether it’s whispers of the new darkly dressed potions professor, the jokings of ‘Haglena Arlet’(more known as Helena Arlet of Slytherin House), or the gossip that grows larger and larger each day of the Hag of Crowscreep. With all these whispers and all…