Self Defense at Hogwarts Pt.2

Reporter: Rae Katana Welcome to the second installation of the “Self Defense at Hogwarts” series! In this article, I’ve interviewed Professor Linnie Gothly, Professor of Charms. When we first sat down and I described the topic of the interview, she asked “Does this school have issues with bullies, then?” This makes me suspect that perhaps…



Saturday Study Corner 1/17/2015

Charms With Professor Linnie Gothly Read Chapter 1 of “Self-Defensive Spellwork” Essay: Compare & Contrast 5 differences between Muggle physics and our world. Make sure to give examples of each difference. Three paragraph minimum. Divinations with Professor Thorne Homework: Minimum 1 paragraph that consists of 4-5 complete sentences. Choose a form of Divination or two…