A Dinner and a Show?

Photograph by Sila Warrington Incident as reported to Michiyo Komaki, 6th year Slytherin Prefect…(The Prefect’s quill is charmed to alter dialect to protect the witness’ identity)   The Prefect met with the mystery witness at the Three Broomsticks during a recent Hogsmeade weekend.  Over butterbeers and snacks, they discussed the events on the evening of…


Trick or Treat!

Photograph by Sila Warrington Throw on your costumes yet again and pair up with your closest friends, it’s time to find out if your favourite Professors will give you a trick or will they give you a treat?!         While you make your way around the castle and knock on the doors of our professors,…



A Bash to Remember

 Article by Jade Troll, Photograph by Travis Martin         Halloween, the time of year when you can dress up like anything you want and goof off with your friends. Halloween at Hogwarts, well that’s a different story. Let’s take it back to the time we got the invitations from that spooky looking owl, which looked…



Saturday Study Corner

Arithmancy Professor Draco Romanov   Write a paragraph on your personal outer personality number. Alchemy Professor Norma Lapere (normalapere resident)   Write a three-paragraph-maximum essay on the Alchemical or Scientific Method. Extra homework for extra credit: discuss whether what I just explained applies to the hypothesis of the world being created ten seconds ago.  …