So you want to friend a Gryffindor?

Perhaps you’re a Ravenclaw – your head filled with aspirations of honour, bravery, and a death wish. Or are you a Hufflepuff who’s interested in someone that’s, well, not a Hufflepuff? (We really don’t blame you, it’s okay.) Maybe you’re a Slytherin leading the political charges against segregation? Lastly, are you already a Gryffindor lacking…



Rumour Has It

Rumour has it that we’re being served gruel not for its “nutritional” value but so that money can be saved on toilet paper – a whole lot of carbohydrate and water will really block you up!   And what doesn’t block you up ‘apparently’ gets ‘recycled’. Ever wondered why it tastes so bad?   Rumour…


Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday 8/5

  Word Scramble: Educational Enigmas Please unscramble the words below to form at least one place you should know 1. oomorkhtaou 2. ttvoszderlook 3. sgtmndraru 4. tgosarhw 5. ousblectarox 6. auouadg 7. meviylonrr 8. basubnteoxa   Jokes Did you hear about the guy who invented the peppermint toad? I hear he made a mint!  …