Oh gosh isn’t this exciting? the Ministry of Magic never ceases to provide the drama, the intrigue, and the glam! well I, my dear readers come to you today with a tune of excitement and joy!

Firstly let us take a moment to mourn the loss of our dear Minister Hannah Fischer.. but on to better news! The policies and candidates of this years Minister elections have been provided to me, yours truly, Harmonia Sings!

The candidates as announced are our current interim Minister Wilfred Bloom and a new candidate vying for the biggest seat of power our country has ever seen – Alyssa Merriweather!

Not much is known about either of them but I, dear readers come prepared!

Minister Bloom promises the following:

Abolishment of the law preventing the Ministry from Hogwarts, educational office are able to inspect and determine if standards are met by Hogwarts for our children’s future.

Heavier taxes on potion ingredients both imported and sold in all stores.

Reinstatement of the Ministry High Inquisitor role at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Ministry. 

Funding removed from St Mungos rehabilitation wards of the criminally insane and patients transferred into Azkaban. 

Dementors brought back into Azkaban in lieu of unacceptable breakouts.

Centaur land restricted and Centaurs relocated out of Scotland’s Forbidden Forest.

Well I do say these seem quite.. extreme, don’t they?

Minister Candidate Alyssa Merriweather promises the following:

Werewolf act abolished and a new act put in place that gives rehabilitation instead of punishment. 

New subjects added into the Hogwarts curriculum mandated by the Ministry educational decree, all students over the age of fifteen are taught to fight and defend themselves in a proper manner against threats. 

Funding provided for minor healthcare facilities as to prevent St Mungos from reaching capacity. 

Funding provided into employment opportunities for under skilled Wizards and Witches. 

Determine the threat of Umbra and seek justice for the deaths of Minister Fischer and Headmaster Fox.


Well my dear readers it looks to be an exciting few weeks doesn’t it? I guess we’ll see who wins the throne, so to speak. As always yours ever and truthful, Harmonia Sings.

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